Kashmiri Wedding on a house boat

Kashmiri wedding

KASHMIRI WEDDING: The bridegroom with relatives on the day of engagement

A Kashmiri Wedding photographed on a house boat in the Dal Lake in Srinagar: The colourful function was reflective of the love and closeness between the family members and relatives. Women kissed the bridegroom and men and women danced together. It was a close-knit family function. Yet, they invited visiting journalists from Kerala to witness and photograph it; and even join the dancing– something that altered once’s perception about Kashmir and its people.

Wedding on a houseboat in Kashmir

KASHMIRI WEDDING: Another picture of the bridegroom with relatives on the house boat Photos: Roy Mathew / Expert-Eyes.In


Kashmiri wedding

Kashmiri wedding– another view

Wedding in Kashmir houseboat

Kashmir wedding

Bridegroom with relatives under a colourful umbrella

Dancing at Kashmir marriage

Relatives dance at the ceremony.

The house boat decked up for the wedding on the Dal Lake, Srinagar, Kashmir

Attending A Kashmiri Wedding

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  1. I don’t know how much it costs in Kashmir to do this. I never asked. I wouldn’t guess more than $8-12. Geisha dress up would be way more complicated. Kimonos are intense. 🙂 Does the deal come with a wig for those whose hair (and complexion, actually) just don’t match?

  2. In recent years, the valley of Kashmir is witnessing an excellent surge in tourism sector. Normalcy in social life has brought various new things and changes in overall life of the valley. Just like other sectors, houseboats, the floating palace of Srinagar are also donned with renovation work, which would undoubtedly bring new hope for tourists.
    Cleaning work on Dal Lake has been completed, which is added advantage for the tourists and owners of houseboats in Kashmir. Interiors of these properties are adorned with new carpets, decorative items and handicrafts items. Old fashioned amenities have also been replaced with the latest and modern ones. All arrangements are done as per the convenience of tourists of all parts of the world. Now tourists would enjoy the soothing view of Dal Lake, Pir Panjal ranges, floating markets, sound of chirping birds with sheer joy and pleasure.

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