The politics of green politicians in Kerala

The green brigade in the UDF in Kerala is striking a distinct position compared to rest of the members of the Assembly in the Front. They have also started using the new media for their campaign.  (T. N. Pratapan, V. D. Satheesan, V. T. Balram and Hibi Eden (Congress) K. M. Shaji  (Muslim League )and  M. V. Sreeyams Kumar (SJD) are blogging at GreenThoughtsKerala)

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Title image of blog by V. D. Satheesan, T. N. Pratapan, M. V. Sreeyams Kumar, V. T. Balram, K. M. Shaji and Hibi Eden

The scenario in the Assembly has been changing over the past decade with more members coming forward to propound the cause of environment. The Legislative Committee on Environment has over the years produced well-studied reports. Two decades ago, K. V. Surendranath of CPI was the only member campaigning for environmental causes. On the other side people like Seethi Haji (IUML) asked how it rained at sea if forests were required for precipitation.  Now, there are several members both in the ruling and Opposition fronts wanting to protect the environment. They include Opposition Leader V. S. Achuthanandan who once spoke against environmentalists.

However, a question would arise as to how deep their commitments are.  Are they simply moving with the tide or playing politics? It is notable that almost all members of the green brigade are people who had missed out on ministerial positions. They have an axe to grind against Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and other UDF leaders.  And they know that fighting corruption from within a la Achuthanandan has a market. Yet, that does not make the causes they are expounding less important.

Yes, they are indeed playing politics and it is notable that Mr. Chandy and industries Minister P. K. Kunhalikutty are in the defensive.  Mr. Chandy even said that they are doing the campaign because they are sincere.  May be, people can trust them more than Mr. Achuthanandan who is also expounding the same causes.

If they are sincere, they will persist. Mr. Achuthanandan forgot many of the causes he expounded when he came to power. The litmus test for green politicians of UDF too would be what they do when they come to power.

Update: Well, we did not have to wait until they come to power to know how steadfast they would be on their views. The green politicians are now supporting tourism projects such as that proposed in Nelliyampathy disregarding questions whether the land proposed to be used for such projects are forests or environmentally fragile areas. They do say that they changed their stand because Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has conceded their demands including environmental impact assessment of all projects under Emerging Kerala initiative.

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  1. I agree with you. If there are any workers on the estates taken over, they could move all to one property and close down the others. My inquiry reveal there are no workers on Thoothenpara & Rosary only about six at Betrice estate. If they were so concerned of the Economic considerations why did they take over the award winner of the Worlds Best Organic Coffee estate and spoil the reputation of the Indian Coffee industry as a whole.

  2. Mr Roy Mathew,
    I have read your bog and I am fascinated. You seem to have traveled the length and breath of India, the various subjects you have covered, the beautiful photographs all add. I had commented on “green thoughts blog” and “green thoughts Kerala blog”.Its over 2 months and I have not received a reply from our Hon; MLAs. Please read and let me have your feedback. It looks as if they started this for publicity and to settle scores with P.C. George. I was at Nelliampathy for Deepavali. Till the taking over of estates we find the Environmentalist, the politicians, the media and of-course the forest department department in full cry. After taking over we don’t hear from anybody.If it is so fragile etc why are they not leaving it as forest? Why are they bringing workers from out side. they are even bringing from out side the state for harvesting and other works.This year 15lakhs was spent on the Thoothenpara bunglow, what for? The trees obstructing the view to the lake were cut. They are making money.The real mafia has to be exposed.

    • The estates taken over by the Forest Department need to be nurtured back to forests after addressing the problem of workers, if any, in tune with national forest policy which envisages efforts to increase forest cover. Sometimes, this may take time as functioning plantations could not be shut down immediately owing to economic considerations or issues of workers’ compensation. However, there is little justification for enlarging operations.

      It is well know that the Forest Department spends considerable sums for construction works not only in estates but also in the forest which are generally not required. It is high time such tendencies are checked.

  3. It is a great shame that Ministers & Forest officials are playing dirty games/plotics by trying to grab small farming areas which do not have any commited any violations as per the lease agreements. Forest officials are misinterpriting the lease conditions & thereby acting as puppets in the hands of vested interest parties. And it is very sad that many of the Politicians shouting GREEN GREEN do not even know the actual facts of the Nelliampathy land. There have been instances where Govt. has taken over huge tract of lands in Nelliampathy itself (Poabsons Estate) which was generating huge revenue. After the takeover the land was looted and presently just go and see what is the status of this land and what is the present income generated from this land!!! Let us not forget the word AGRICULTURE which has been the backbone of our economy. Lets be all truthful & sincere in our acts & deeds.

  4. green politics ennum paranchu nadine kuttichorakaruthe.evide ethenkilum vyvasayamo valla plantatyiono varate,upadravikaruth.nattil vetre ethrayo karyangal undu ee nattil bustandukalilum mattum prathamika karyangal nadathan valla saukaryavum cheyyan nokku,roadarikile malinyangal nirmarjanam cheyyan sramam nadathu,allenkil nalla kudivella ethiku, rubberum kappiyum theyilayum ulpadippikunna krishikare upadravikaruthe.athengane jeevithathil ever valla krishipaniyum chryukanillallo.pls ningalude politrics nirthu.

  5. Hey,sirs… don’t leave it like a storm in a cup of tea.. so many youngsters r behind u

  6. Going green is always advisable. I have also been garnering support for a new video from Jumpin where each share will pledge some amount towards education for poor kids via Save the Children NGO. That’s my idea of a good deed.

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