Virtual truce in Kerala unit of the CPI (M)

There would be a virtual truce in the State unit of the party until after the Neyyattinkara by-poll in June. This is partly the outcome of the talks the RSP leader T. J. Chandrachoodan had with the Opposition Leader V. S. Achuthanandan whom he met after informing the CPI (M) leadership on May 14. Both party State secretary Pinarai Vijayan and Mr. Achuthanandan would not make statements that would intensify the faction fight between them.

Pinarai Vijayan

Pinarai Vijayan

Mr. Achuthanandan reportedly declined to make amends to his stated stand on the murder of the Revolutionary Marxist Party leader T. P. Chandrasekharan during talks with Mr. Chandrachoodan.  This would help him to keep the rebellious cadre opposed to the official faction in Neyyattinkara with him until after the elections.  He has already written to the party’s Central leadership that his statements were in tune with the party’s policy of bringing back lost cadre, and the Central leadership would  keep mum until after the elections.

After the elections, the CPI (M) may go through the motions of taking action against Mr. Achuthanandan whose conduct amounts to gross indiscipline according to the precepts of the party.  And Mr. Achuthanandan may, as in the past, go through the act of submission to the party.

Update: (16/5/2012)

The truce was technically broken with the State Secretariat issuing a statement on Tuesday describing Onchiyam dissidents as psuedo revolutionaries gripped by parliamentary greed and noted for their absence of communist values. The statement almost coincided with Polit bureau member Sitaram Yechuri’s averment in Delhi that the party had directed the State leadership to make any more controversial statements.

3 thoughts on “Virtual truce in Kerala unit of the CPI (M)

  1. Surely, the RSP and Prof. Chandrachoodan have taken upright positions on several issues. However, can any party be thought of as non-corruptible?

  2. The only way to make glorious India is to support the non corruptible and anti terrorism based real communist political party like, Revolutionary Socialist Party, that originated from Murshidabad, West Bengal State formed by the best Indian parliamentarian comrade. Tridip Kumar Chowdury in the year of 1940. The party shall bear true faith and allegiance to the constitution of India as by law established and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.

    And now recently, RSP, Revolutionary Socialist Party 19th National Conference was held at Alipurduar, West Bengal State on. 20.04.2012 to 23.04.2012. Tamil Nadu State Convener Dr. A. Ravindranath Kennedy Participated in that Conference and gave a delegate speech as, the representative for Tamil Nadu State Revolutionary Socialist Party. On 23.04.2012, final day of the RSP Conference Session, Comrade.Prof. T.J. Chandrachoodan was unanimously re elected as National General Secretary of the Party by the newly formed RSP Party Central Committee members and also Supported by all RSP Delegates and Comrades of the Conference Session. Numerous Delegates and Comrades of RSP participated in that Conference.They came from various States of our Country like the states of West Bengal, Kerala, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Jharkand, Pondicherry, Jammu&Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chattisghar, Andhra, Hariyana, Odisha, Bihar, Uttaranjal etc.

    • Irony is, that the Communists in India are not aware of the cardinals of Communism in its right pertvecsipe. Had they been,there could have been no other political outfit to surpass them & they could be in solely in charge of this nation of BPLs- Below Poverty Line.Anyway it is never late to learn, is an advise to them

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